vendredi 19 novembre 2010


I used 15 colors of Palette from Knit Picks, 3,5mm needles.

For a first intarsia projet, it was hard. Link is ok but Zelda looks a little weird.

Notes about the construction:
CO 48. Work 1 herringbone braid. 1 white round. Work the heart chart. 1 white round with 6 increases. Second herringbone braid.
Start the mitten. The background is: 2 rows main color, r3= 1mc, 1bc. r4=1bc, 1mc.
I made a double increase for the thumb every 2 rounds until there is 15 sts increased (when the thumb was worked I picked up 4 more sts.)
For the top, I worked 2 double decreases every round.

If you want to try and have some questions (I know that my notes are not completes), I will be happy to help.

2 commentaires :

  1. C'est tres jolie, en plus c'est pas mal pour ton premier project intarsia(as you can see français is not my first language). Im currently working a mickey mouse chart for the first time and I'm a little lost. For the Zelda chart did you gauge with the mitten yarn or all the yarn you used for the Zelda characters? I know gauging with all the differnet yarn sounds wacko but theres no such thing as a dumb question,right?lol

  2. Thanks for your comments, your french is very good!
    For the gauge, I'm really too lazy to calculate it using the chart, I only calculated it with the mitten yarn. the intarsia part is a little more tight than the mitten, so I casted-on a little more stitches that I would normally do, so my mittens are not too small.
    an exemple: with my gauge, I calculated that the zelda chart would be 2,5'' wide, but it ended 2,25'' wide, because of the tighter gauge of the intarsia part.


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